Lighting Cameraman


MgA. Jiri Zeiner

Lives in Prague, Czech Republic, Europe
Shooting: worldwide
Cellular phone: +420 775 600 230

More than 20 years experience in narrative filmmaking, documentaries and commercials.
Shooting in many countries in Europe as well as in USA, Canada, Middle East and North Africa.
My favorite style is the natural soft light with details in deeper shadows.
Result of my work can be watched on major TV channels. BBC, NBC, CNN, ARD, StarZ, NHK ...

Jiri Zeiner‘s film production company
Fairfilm produce and coproduce TV documentaries, commercials, corporate videos and multimedia presentations.

1990-96 Academy of Performing Art Prague (FAMU)
Master degree at Camera department.
1999 U.C.L.A – short term study stay.

Camera FX incl. time laps, blue-greenscreen etc.
2D computer graphic and multilayer VFX composition.
Scuba diving licence CMAS, driving licence B.

Czech mothertongue, English fluent, Slovak fluent



The Voices
Feature lenght movie, S16 mm to 35 mm, dir: Pablo Alvarez Ortis (Spain)

ΘΟΛΟ ΠΟΤΑΜΙ (Turbid River)
23 min, 16 mm, dir: Stratoula Theodorathu (Hellas)

Eternity starts here
30 min, 16 mm, dir: Joerg Kalt (Austria)

Nomen nudum
26 min, 35 mm, dir: Yannis Mouhasiris (SF, CA, USA)

Home from Cards
30 min, 16 mm, dir: Matt Kaden (BO, MA, USA)

Code Name: Ruby
80 min, 35 mm feature length psychological Sci-Fi (Cameraman of second camera unit)
dir: Jan Nemec (Czech Republic)

Mezicas (Inbetween Time)
20 min, 35 mm. dir: Karel Koula (Czech Republic)

Cosi fan Tutti
20 min, 35 mm. dir: Karel Koula (Czech Republic)

Samota (wilderness)
15 min, 35 mm. dir: Miky Burger (Slovenia)

Dívka se zázračnou pamětí (Girl with marvelous memory)
40 min, TV studio multicamera. dir: Ondrej Kepka (Czech Republic)

Nesmrtelná teta (Immortal Aunt)
100 min, 35 mm, feature length fairy tale
(Cameraman of 2nd camera unit and Loader), (Czech Republic)

Síť (The Net)
25 min, 16 mm (director and cameraman), (Czech Republic)


one hour documentary about live of contemporary and ancient Egyptians (Czech TV)

Among Blind fulls
3 times 50 min, shot worlwide, 16 mm (worldwide distribution)
(winner of „Kristian“ (Critic price) 1999 and „Trilobit“ Price of FITES)

Art nouveau Alfons Mucha
together with DP Marek Jicha TV (BBC)

My country, my passion
30 min, Betacam, P. O. Spidlen – violinmaker (NHK Japan)

Czech alternativ music scene and Ivan Kral
5 min, Betacam (MTV England)

15 min, HDV - DVD how to get job in United Kingdom

28 min, Betacam, weekly serial about people living different (Czech TV)

Making of My giant
20 min, Betacam (worldwide distribution)

Making of Blade 2
10 min, Betacam (StarZ)

Making of Mist of Avalon
20 min, Betacam (worldwide distribution)

Dance Praha 2001
20 min TV (Czech TV)

Performance Dum u Zvonu
5 min, 16 mm

Kolik visni tolik pisti
15 min, 16 mm

15 min, Betacam (Czech TV)

The Black triangle
6 min, 16 mm (Canadien production)

Dies Irae
Mostecko 94, 3 min, 16 mm

Milevsko 92
30 min Betacam. abandoned garrison town of Russian army (ARD)

Cas na cloveka (Time For a Man)
20 min, 16 mm, last days of talended schizofrenic man (Czech TV)

Scientific truth of Alexej Drobny
20 min documentary fiction (Czech TV)

Chcete me (Do You Want me?)
20 min, weekly serial about pets (Czech TV)

Exhibitions of Academy of fine arts Prague
36 min

Much more various document project‘s for Czech television, ARD Germany, NHK Japan.
16 mm film, Betacam digital, HDV.


Olympus, European Customer Support Centre
30 sec spot for Olympus Europe GMBH

Mercedes Benz Engineering
30 sec + 3 min presentation, Daimler Chrysler

Seat Collection 2000
20 spot + 3 min presentation, Wolkswagen Group

Skoda Favorit Praktik Car
30 sec, 16 mm

Magazine Tvorba
30 sec

Alice in the Wonderland
5 min, about Black light theatre Prague

Commercial spot for gasoline company

30 sec, Commercial spot

Vodka Archer`s
(2nd Camera unit) 30 sec, Super 16

Holiday on Ice
30 sec spot, 35 mm

Various corporate videos for Master foods, Ahold, Unilever, LL international California, Staropramen, STE etc.
Advertising photography for Unilever, EuroTel, Radiomobil, Renault etc.
Billboards, posters ... (Still photographer)


Multimedia Show: Why Radio?
Regie Radio Music. For advertising agencies. More than 10 video, slide and effects projections at the Planetarium Praha dome (director of presentation)

New Product presentation show: Dove - Organics - Lux - Axe
hotel City club Vienna (Austria) (director of multimedia part)

Marné tázání nebes
2D compositions and animations for screening in theathre performance dir: J.A. Pitínský Archa Theatre Prague

2D compositions VFX and animations for screening in theathre performance
dir: J.A. Pitinsky, National Theatre Prague

Family Estate
2D compositions and VFX for screening in theathre performance. Stavovské divadlo Praha


Kouzlo (Magic) - Wanastovy vjeci
4 min, 16 mm (winner of „Music video of the year“ in Magazine Rock Report)

Stejne jako ja (Same Like Me) – Chinaski
3 min, 16 mm

Bludiste dni (The Labyrinth of The Days) – Vyber, Michael Kocab
3 min, 16 mm (also director)

Karya a Pavel Vitek
4 min, Betacam

Incest - Insane Fly
3 min DVCAM

Unavena (Tired) - Robert Opatovsky
3 min, 16 mm

Hlbocina (Deapness) - Ivana Christova
3 min, 16 mm with Miss of Czech republic (also director)